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Tourists from across the globe flock to Nepal for its unique architecture, diverse culture, interesting people and breathtaking beauty. Home to numerous UNESCO heritage sites both in nature and culture makes the country a must-see for nature lovers and spiritualists alike. Popular attractions include Bodnath Stupa, Kapan Monastery, Swayambhunath Temple, Pashupatinath (Temple of Living Beings), Changu Narayan, Durbar Square – Kathmandu, Buddha Nilkantha Temple, Hanuman Dhoka Square, Kumari Chowk, Dakshinkali Temple, Budhanilkantha, National Botanical Gardens, Asan, Freak Street (Jhhonchen Tole), Bhimsen Tower, Kailashnath Mahadev, Sankhu Village, Kirtipur Village, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar square,khokona, Namo Buddha, and Chobhar, Tibetan  Refugee camp, etc.

We have created a tour that shows the highlights of the city in a one-day special tour designed to cover the most interesting and beautiful places in the Kathmandu Valley so you don’t miss out even if you only have a short stay. Our expert Tour Guides Licensed from Nepal Government will give you a local insight into all aspects of Nepal including the culture, architecture, and history of the Valley. This is the best way to learn about Nepal in a short time while seeing all the highlights that travelers crave.

The Tour Includes all the permits fees, guide, transportation and all the services charge for every guest. Before your departure, you will be given a traditional Nepalese hat to wear during your tour so you can dress like a local as you visit all the areas. This small gift will enable you to receive friendly looks and nobs from the locals.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, none of the other countries in the world that competes with Nepal on natural adventures related activities. Nepal is a small country which lies in between two gigantic nation China and India. Nepal is very small compared to its two neighbors in a geographical context. The small country has an area of 1, 47,181 sq. kilometers in which we have some elegant landscape which includes the world’s deepest George (The Kali Gandaki valley) crown of the Mountain  (Everest /Sagarmatha/Chomolungma). “Head reaching the sky” highest mountain of the world and much more. The pleasant beauty of nature, as well as the good hospitality of Nepalese people, has resulted in tourists loving and visit Nepal and also the Lonely Planet recommended as the top destination. The combination of Himalayan highland, hills and the plain terrain plateau land makes this country more beautiful. Nepal does have a good history of Hinduism, Buddhism and many other sub religions. At the same time, the world’s biggest Hindu temple Pashupatinath and Gautama Buddha who is regarded as the symbol of peace and spiritual guidance was born in Nepal.


Possible Tourism Factors in Nepal:

Tourism is regarded as one of the most important factors in generalizing and ascending of the overall socio-economic and sustaining the largest source of foreign economy in Nepal. Tourism is also known as one of the vital backbones of the nation. It takes a great effort and energy in utilizing and creating a bridge in the overall progress without exploiting its natural phenomenon. Tourism also helps in exploring the unknown wilderness and laying down the path for most of the recreational activities in its habitat. Although Nepal is one of the least developed nations is willingly gifted in its natural geographic context. The natural phenomena or the diverse environment which surrounds us has infinite possibilities and prospects. Relying on its mighty progress includes every sort of good and bad aspect. But we humans have forgotten that we also are a tiny part of this enormous moment.
Nepal is also very rich in its prosperous and religious cultural heritage as well. Most of the intermittent heritages in Nepal are listed on world heritage sites. A country very diverse in its demographic and religious aspects has led to enormous numbers of ancestry landmarks from historic eras. A blend of different major religions like Hinduism and Buddhism has helped in fabricating some of the very unique cultural monuments. Thus, Nepal has divine tourism influence in its territorial perception.

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